Defence Technologies Community

The main purpose of the Defense Technologies Student Society is,
to carry out studies that will contribute to the development of national technologies. Other purposes are to increase the knowledge of the members of the community and, if appropriate, the students from outside the community about modern technologies, to ensure the teamwork spirit, to enable them to get to know the institutions where they can find the opportunity to work after graduation, and to organize group activities in order to store motivation.
The Defense Technologies Student Society will carry out the following activities for these purposes:

a. Project teams will be established under the community,
b. Thematic meetings will be held,
c. Conference-like events will be organized,
d. Technical and social trips will be organized,
Defense Technologies Student Society works for the above-mentioned purposes. Subjects that are outside of the community's purpose and that involve personal interests cannot be discussed or discussed in study meetings.
Defense Technologies Student Community carries out all its activities with the permission of Konya Technical University Rectorate, Health Culture and Sports Department.