Directorate of Student Affairs


As the Registrar's Office, we strive to achieve excellence in order to improve the services offered to our students and try to find productive ways to achieve our goals. In order to achieve our goals, we make our strategic plans based on sustainable management principles and act with the awareness of our responsibility. We believe that holistic development is necessary for student success. Therefore, we build relationships that respect and find respect, collectively and individually, to find solutions to our students' problems with kindness, compassion and care. We embrace change and constantly strive to improve ourselves with new automation programs and applications.



To ensure the success of student communities and to provide quality service to our stakeholders in order to help develop our University's mission, for an inclusive and collaborative university that supports student success and well-being. As a result, to promote student success through our work, by increasing the level of well-being.



To continue to carry out our studies with the awareness of responsibility, in which innovation, quality, trust, satisfaction and participation are ensured within Student Affairs, in harmony with the vision of our university.