Directorate of Library and Documentation

Our Mission

Our mission is to support and develop the training activities of our university, and transfer them to future generations, to meet the need for knowledge arising from academic programs and scientific researches required by social services in a fast, accurate and universal way and to provide services with scientific and technical support in order to be accessed via contemporary and various ways.


Our Vision

Our library has determined it as its vision to have an active, contemporary, innovative, user-oriented atmosphere having physical facilities suitable for meeting  all the information and infrastructure needs of all users free from the context of time and space, interpreting the phenomenon of knowledge, having a rich collection not only from our university but also for all scientific researches on a national scale, and moving forward by improving constantly, dynamically, influentially, and increasingly.


Duties of Library and Documentation Department
  1. supporting the training and research activities of our university,
  2. providing the knowledge and documents for academic staff, students and employees in all types and formats,
  3. lending , publishing, cataloguing-classification and putting all the services into use,
  4. membership procedures and provision of electronic databases ,
  5. interlibrary borrowing and document supply,
  6. information desk,
  7. procedures and correspondence regarding library services,
  8. letters on the unit's budget proposals and the implementation of annual programs,
  9. procedures and correspondence within the scope of the Movable Goods Regulation,
  10. procedures and correspondence that must be handled within the scope of Law No. 5018,
  11. annual, compassionate and medical leave approvals of the unit staff on behalf of the Secretary General,
  12. Thank-you letters written to those who take part in and contribute to the library activities
  13. any correspondence regarding the library,
  14. performing other duties assigned by the Rector's Office and the Secretary General,
  15. handling the correspondence of the unit staff on annual, compassionate and medical leave approvals on behalf of the Secretary General,
  16. updating the web page.