Editorial Office

Duties of the Editorial Office

To make/ensure internal and external correspondence regarding the documents submitted by the Rector, Vice-Rectors, Secretary General and Assistant,

To record the incoming and outgoing documents, to send the transferred documents to the relevant persons, to carry out the internal and external mail transactions regularly,

 Preparing the agenda before the University Executive Board and Senate meetings and distributing them to the members,

Writing the University Administrative Board and Senate Decisions and sending them to the relevant units,

To carry out the correspondence and institution identification codes of the units of our university,

To send the documents via the Registered Electronic Mail system and to receive the incoming documents,

To ensure the coordination of the implementations of the rules to be followed in official correspondence between university units,

To carry out the archive and destruction processes of the unit as required,

To exchange external correspondence with the relevant departments of the Faculty, Institute and Vocational School, which are outside the scope of duty,

To exchange external correspondence regarding the Law No. 4207,