Sinkhole Application Research Centre

The purpose of the center

Our aim is to continue the theoretical and practical studies of the research to be done in the field of monitoring sinkhole formations, causes, and solution suggestions, provide training, seek solutions to problems, provide consultancy services, and conduct scientific and technical studies and meetings.

Activity areas of the center

a) To carry out technical and scientific research required in projects related to sinkhole research and monitoring studies within and outside the University, to conduct academic studies and training, and to provide consultancy services on these issues.

b) To cooperate with local and foreign organizations for research and application in areas related to pothole formations, causes, solutions and monitoring,

c) To carry out scientific and technological research that will help the development and development of the region and country related to sinkholes,

d) To organize national and international congresses, conferences, exhibitions, and courses suitable for the purpose,

e) To carry out activities to raise awareness in society about sinkholes.