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Our university has been included in the scope of SAYP with the protocol signed between Konya Technical University and SSB.

Objectives of the Researcher Training Program for the Defence Industry

1. To make the information transfer between defence industry companies and universities more systematic in line with the priorities of the defence industry and with the guidance of the SSB, 2. To configure the postgraduate theses made in universities to meet the R&D needs of companies and to direct them to the priority areas of the defence industry sector, 3. To train students who will receive postgraduate education as qualified R&D staff in the field of defence with the opportunities provided by defence industry companies.

Implementation Principles of the Researcher Training Program for the Defence Industry

1. Students who receive postgraduate education within the scope of SAYP work on the project accepted by the cooperating defence industry organizations. 2. Researchers continue their education in universities while working on the project in the relevant industrial establishment under the conditions and fields specified by the protocols. 3. Researchers spend a part of their time at the university where they study and the other part in the relevant industrial establishment. 4. Researchers' graduate thesis topics are determined jointly by university faculty members and officials of relevant industrial organizations in the fields directed. The theses are approved and managed by SSB.

Researcher Training Program Process for Defence Industry

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Konya Technical University SAYP Protocols
Konya Technical University SAYP contact point.
Doç. Dr. İsmail Karaoğlan