Office of Support Services

About Us

Our Directorate functions under the General Secretariat. Within the framework of the Law No. 6331, our aim is to provide the employers and employees with the most appropriate environment by improving the existing health and safety measures by improving occupational health and safety at Konya Technical University.


Cleaning services include

  • ensuring that indoor and outdoor cleaning works at Konya Technical University are carried out without interruption via its personnel,
  • ensuring the control and coordination of university transportation and settlement activities,
  • ensuring that the staff  work efficiently and in a disciplined way,
  • deciding on the rotation of the staff when necessary,
  • taking the necessary precautions to ensure the economical use of materials within the framework of the savings measures,
  • ensuring - recommending that the personnel receive any training related to their field of duty.


Transportation services include

  •  distributing the duties of the drivers working at Konya Technical University,
  •  deciding rotations of the drivers,
  •  taking all precautions that will ensure the efficiency of the personnel,
  •   coordinating the delivery of transport services without disruption,
  •   following up all kinds of maintenance-repair, insurance and registration of the vehicles,
  •   ensuring that the vehicles are kept ready for use,
  •  ensuring the efficient use of vehicles in the institution in accordance with the savings measures.