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Academic Incentive Grant Procedures and Principles and Application Process Calendar for 2020 academic activities have been determined by the Commission of Academic Incentive Regulation, Supervision and Appeals of our University.

Explanatory information about the application has been given in the Academic Incentive Grant Application Procedures and Principles. Thus, it is of great importance that our academicians who want to benefit from Academic Incentive Payment examine the application procedures and principles.

In applications, firstly, data entries regarding 2020 academic activities must be made to YÖKSİS.

Academicians who have completed their application will submit the signed YÖKSİS result document and the file containing the evidentiary documents to the secretariats of their units.

All required documents must be submitted to the unit academic incentive commission. Additional documents will not be accepted for appeals.

Applications and appeals must be made until the end of the working day on the calendar. Late applications will not be accepted.

The results of the evaluation will be sent in the excel table as well as in black and white to Academic incentive scores of the academic staff will be announced on the website of our university and appeals will be made between 1-5 February 2021 to Konya Technical University The Commission of Academic Incentive Regulation, Supervision and Appeals or via e-mail through
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