• Conducting studies in harmony with the mission, vision and the goals of the university
  • Raising innovative individuals in response to global needs, while pioneering sustainable research activities
  • Reviewing and increasing the competence and motivation of human resources
  • Establishing the quality assurance and management system in internationally approved standards
  • Maintaining academic and administrative activities in accordance with the strategic plan
  • Periodically reviewing and updating SWOT analyses   
  • Allocating all resources efficiently and effectively in accordance with the strategic plan
  • Establishing and operating the system that ensures sustainability and circularity in evaluation
  • Continuously reviewing and updating academic and administrative activities through mechanisms such as internal and external evaluation, accreditation, etc.
  • Ensuring the participation of relevant stakeholders in the processes through effective communication and cooperation


  • Creating learning-centered educational processes, raising individuals with learning competence who are able to adapt quickly to changing global conditions
  • Creating a library and electronic resource infrastructure which is able to provide fast access to up-to-date information
  • Constructing an education-training system in national and international accreditation standards and certification of accreditation in the short and medium term
  • Providing the stakeholder contribution in adaptation of education to current and contemporary requirements
  • Maintaining education under various conditions either face-to-face or remotely in line with the current needs; and setting up the necessary technical infrastructure
  • Establishing corporate culture and the continuation of education with the aim of barrier-free university
  • Ensuring integration of research and development of academic staff into the developing education and training


  • Aspiring to become a research university that generates knowledge and technologies that promote development
  • Encouraging analytical and innovative research
  • Valuing interdisciplinary collaboration and stakeholder opinions
  • Increasing the research in the areas identified as priorities in the university strategic plan
  • Establishing units to increase studies that will lead to current research areas
  • Enhancing Public-University-Industry Cooperation, establishing the required framework, and increasing motivation
  • Arranging in-house training and services to increase research proficiency
  • Creating postgraduate education collaborations to conduct research studies
  • Improving performance through current evaluation of research outputs and performances


  • Conducting studies to strengthen Public-University cooperation
  • Informing the public on current and important issues
  • Informing the society about research studies and outputs that may have an impact or contribution to the social life
  • Providing expertise and consultancy services
  • Providing trainings on current technical issues to the society through the Continuing Education Center
  • Planning the new campus to be established as an environmentally sensitive, energy efficient and exemplary university environment
  • Organizing various social and cultural events during periods when social conditions are favorable
  • Organizing activities of student clubs and societies


  • Providing and certifying international approval of the education of graduates
  • Making updates to ensure international compliance with periodic evaluations in curricula and increasing the number of accredited departments
  • Publishing a web page in English
  • Carrying out studies to increase participation in exchange programs in a way that will increase student and academic staff mobility
  • Encouraging international projects and ensuring the sustainability of international collaboration projects
  • Increasing the mechanisms that will facilitate international cooperation, hosting events
  • Evaluating and updating policies regularly, taking into account the opinions and suggestions of international stakeholders


  • Being transparent and accountable
  • Aiming at updating and increasing quality constantly
  • Increasing the capacity and quality of research infrastructure
  • Using the current potential for national development, increasing competitiveness and international recognition
  • Providing effective campus area and university environment, strengthening the physical infrastructure
  • Creating and maintaining a corporate culture
  • Providing motivation by creating and strengthening the sense of corporate belonging
  • Creating a cooperation and alumni system that will ensure the sense of belonging in graduates
  • Supporting career plans of the students and the graduates
  • Instilling awareness of lifelong learning and providing in-service training to the staff
  • Setting up and operating the information management system
  • Establishing and maintaining a quality management and assurance system
  • Promoting the internationalization of the university
  • Increasing the university’s own revenues and using them correctly and efficiently
  • Raising the university’s ranking in national and international rating systems
  • Encouraging studies to become a research university
  • Increasing Public-University-Sector cooperation studies
  • Increasing the infrastructure and capacity of postgraduate education
  • Continuing and increasing educational activities that can meet the brain power, workforce, researchers and sectoral intermediary needs