Directorate of Administrative and Financial Affairs


Being aware of the fact that it is a support unit, our mission is to meet the needs of our units, fully, quickly and on-site, by using the available resources in the most efficient way, in accordance with the goals of our developing University, with our entrepreneurial, competitive, socially advanced, patriotic staff that adopts contemporary and ethical values.



To be an exemplary and desired to work unit that is open to changes and innovations, produces fast, effective and high quality solutions to problems, and that everyone will want to work with.




Konya Technical University was established as a new university with the Additional Article-179 added to the Law No. 2809 with the seventh article of the Law No. 7141 published in the Official Gazette dated 18.05.2018 and numbered 30425. Our Presidency started to serve with the establishment of our University on May 18, 2018.



As the Administrative and Financial Affairs Department; in line with the goals and policies of our university, our aim is to ensure that resources are used effectively, economically and efficiently, accountability and financial transparency, goods and services are purchased within the shortest time, in accordance with the legislation, with high quality and at the most favorable prices, and to increase the service quality of our university in all areas. For this reason, our Department, in order to perform its services and activities in its area of ​​responsibility in an economical and effective manner; It aims to be an exemplary unit with its principled, expert and entrepreneurial staff equipped with all technological opportunities that ensure the most efficient use of existing resources such as human, money and material. In order for our university to continue its development process in a healthy way, it is of great importance to meet the purchases of all kinds of goods and services needed. In this rapid growth, our unit carries out the support services of our University.