Editorial Office



Editorial Office was founded within the body of General Secretariat with the decision numbered 08-43 at the meeting of the University Senate dated 12/10/2018 and numbered 08.


In line with the objectives of our university, as the editorial unit, it is to ensure that our services and transactions are carried out in accordance with the law, bylaws and regulations. Our mission is to carry out our work in a service-oriented and controlled manner in harmony with the units within and outside the university, in being goal-oriented, efficient, effective and dynamic.


Within the scope of the quality understanding determined in our structure, in order to comply with all the responsibilities specified in our job description; To be a solution-oriented, open to development, constantly renewing, reliable and accountable unit that adapts to technology.

Registrar's Office Management Policies

To continue our work in accordance with laws, rules and regulations,

Comply with our job description and work flow charts,

Carrying out the Board of Managers and Senate meeting tasks  and transactions, incoming and outgoing document processes, internal and external correspondences on a solution-oriented, efficient, sustainable basis of improving deficiencies,

Being open to technology and new information in service,

To increase self-development, effective communication and cooperation among staff

To continue working in harmony with other units in line with the mission, vision and objectives of our University.

To be in contact with the upper units in order to report and resolve the needs and problems of our Directorate.