Distance Learning


When will distance learning begin?

 It will start on Monday, February 21, 2022.

How long will distance education last?

 It is planned between February 21 and June 3.

Which courses will be taught through distance learning?

 All of the theoretical courses and some of the applied courses will be carried out through distance learning. When you log into the system, you will be able to access the course lists you will take

How will the courses be held in distance learning?

 Courses are planned as Synchronous (Simultaneous) or Asynchronous . Related course materials will be uploaded to the system within the weekly schedule.

How will I use the distance learning system?

You can access the details by watching the lecture videos or by reading the detailed user guidelines given on the Web page. You have to use your username and password to login.

 Is it obligatory to attend classes?

It is obligatory to attend classes and it is constantly checked through the system.

Will I be able to watch the courses I could not attend later?

 It is recommended to watch the lessons during the week. However, the instructor in charge of the course can make the add-ons continuously accessible.

What time  will the courses be held?

Synchronous courses are planned to be conducted in the same way as the schedule of the formal education period. These lessons are saved in the system and students who cannot follow the lesson or want to watch it again can watch it regardless of time. Students can follow asynchronous courses whenever they want.

 What should I do if two courses I enrolled in overlap in the course schedule?

Two courses that are not taken in the formal education period should not overlap. In this case, courses with open accessibility can be followed later.

How will the university hold elective courses?

Most of the theoretical courses can be given by distance education method. A separate calendar will be created and announced for the courses that cannot be taught in this way.

On what day will university elective courses be held?

It is planned to be conducted in the same way as the curriculum in the formal education period.

 How will common courses be held?

 Common courses will be held through distance learning.

How long will a course last?

 It varies according to the number of courses. It has been planned to be a maximum of 20 minutes per class hour.

Will I take the course in the branch  as it was in the regular semester?

 Attendance  is planned to be in the same branch.

Will daytime education and evening education programs be separate?

It is planned to be conducted  separate and in accordance with the existing formal education schedule

How will postgraduate (non-thesis master's, master's with thesis, doctorate) courses be conducted?

Konya Technical University Associate, Undergraduate and Postgraduate Programs, non-thesis Master's, Master's and Doctorate courses with thesis will be conducted  asynchronously  or synchronously  through the Adobe Connect distance learning program during the Pandemic Period as stated in Principles and Procedures Regarding Distance Education Activities Instead of Formal Education only if restricted to the spring semester of the 2021-2022 academic year.

How will graduate counselling courses be conducted?

 The academic staff and the student will jointly decide on how to conduct postgraduate counselling courses such as seminars, thesis work and specialist field courses.

When will the midterm exams be held?

Exam calendar will be planned and announced according to the course of events.

When will the final exams be held?

Exam calendar will be planned and announced according to the course of events.

What should I do if my internet connection is interrupted during the course?

You can re-login for asynchronous lessons at the appropriate time. You need to reconnect for synchronous lessons. Necessary infrastructure preparations are ongoing to avoid problems.

What should I do if I do not have internet access where I live?

Access to the system can gained with mobile phones.

How will postgraduate thesis defense exams be carried out?

Postgraduate thesis defense exams will be carried out  with the desire of students, advisors and jury members on the condition that "the examination process is recorded and legally auditable". If there is no such request, all thesis defense exams have been postponed to the period after the COVID-19 pandemic. Thesis defense exams to be made digitally will be carried out under the control of the  Institute of Graduate Studies with the Microsoft Teams program.

Where can I get help for the problems I encounter during the teaching process regarding the courses?

You can get information from department managers.