Distance Learning

When will distance learning start?

  • It will start on Monday September 19, 2022 will.

How long will distance learning take?

  • In 2022/2023 Fall and Spring Semesters

Which courses will be taught by distance education?

  • Courses determined by the managements of the Faculty and  the Vocational School.

How will distance learning courses be conducted?

  • The courses are planned as Synchronous (Simultaneous) or Hybrid (Mixed). Related course materials will be added to the system within the weekly program.

How will I use the distance learning system?

  • By using user name for login (@ktun.edu.tr  extension e-mail address) and password, you can also access the details by reading the detailed user guides provided on the Web page and watching the guide videos.

Is there an obligation to attend classes?

  • It is obligatory to attend classes and attendence is constantly checked through the system.

Will I be able to watch the lessons that I couldn't attend later?

  • It is recommended to follow the lessons during the week. However, the instructor responsible for the course is able to make the plugins constantly accessible.

At what time will the classes be held?

  • Synchronous (Simultaneous) and Hydride (Mixed) courses are planned to be conducted in the same way as the curriculum in the formal education period. These lessons are recorded in the system and the students who cannot follow the lesson or who want to watch it again can watch it regardless of the time. Asynchronous (Asynchronous) lessons can be followed by students at any time they wish.

What should I do if the two courses I am enrolled in coincide in the curriculum?

  • Two courses that do not mandate attendance in the formal education period are not supposed to overlap. Should that be the case, accessible open lessons can be followed later.

How will the university elective courses will be done?

  • The way in which elective courses will be conducted will be determined by the Faculty and Vocational School departments.

On what day will university elective courses be held?

  • It is planned to be conducted in the same way as the curriculum in the formal education period.

How will the joint courses be held?

  • Joint courses will be conducted via distance learning.

How long will the lecture period last?

  • It varies according to the class time.

Will I take the course with the group I took during the normal period?

  • It is planned to held the courses in the same groups.

Will the formal education and secondary education programs be separate?

  • It is planned to be conducted separately and in accordance with the existing formal education curricula.

How will the postgraduate (master without thesis, master with thesis, PhD) courses be conducted?

  • Master's thesis, master's, and doctorate courses, undergraduate and graduate programs in the fall semester of Konya Technical University 2022/2023, activities for distance learning to be a substitute for formal education, which will be held as stated in the rules and procedures, asynchronous (induction) or synchronous (sync) will be made through distance education system (lms.ktun.edu.tr) .

How will graduate advisory courses be conducted?

  • The faculty member and the student will jointly decide how to conduct graduate counseling courses such as seminars, dissertations and specialty courses.

When will the midterms be held?

  • Exam calendars will be planned and announced according to the trend of the process.

When will the final exams be held?

  • Exam calendars will be planned and announced according to the trend of the process.

What should I do if my internet connection is lost during the lesson?

  • You can re-enter at the appropriate time for asynchronous lessons. For synchronous lessons, you need to reconnect. The necessary infrastructure preparations are being carried out to ensure that there are no problems.

What should I do if I don't have internet access where I live?

  • Access to the system can also be provided with mobile phones.

How will the postgraduate thesis defenses be conducted?

  • Graduate thesis defense exams; students, consultants and jury members will be able to do on the digital environment with the condition that "the exam process is recorded and legally auditable" at the request of the student. If there is no such request, all thesis defense exams have been postponed to the period after the COVID-19 pandemic. The thesis defense exams to be held digitally will be conducted under the control of the Graduate Education Institute using video conferencing software.

Where can I get help for problems that I encounter during the teaching process related to the lessons?

  • You can get information from the unit officers. In case you don't know your department supervisor  you can check https://www.ktun.edu.tr/tr/Birim/Index/?brm=89RRdCqY1jqcwBsxbehz4w ==