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Our Rector was the Guest of the Program 'Gündem Özel’ (Agenda Special) Broadcasted on KonTV Screens

Rector of Konya Technical University (KTÜN) Prof. Dr. Babür Özçelik was the guest of the program "Gündem Özel" broadcasted on Kon TV screens, and prepared and presented by KonTV  Chief Editor Yaşar Toy. Our Rector Özçelik talked about the opportunities our University has, the steps taken towards becoming a "Research University" and the studies carried out for university-industry cooperation.


In the program that was broadcast on Kon TV last Friday and lasted for about an hour and a half, Our Rector Prof. Dr. Babür Özçelik underlined that our University was established on a recent date, but it has faculties with a very old history, and since its establishment for about 3 years, they are carrying out studies worthy of a technical university in terms of university-industry cooperation. Talking about the research and application centers opened especially in different fields, our Rector said that they will always continue to work to get better.


Sharing the numerical data about the recent rise in various rankings of our university, our Rector mentioned the achievements of our students who achieved degrees in competitions such as TEKNOFEST and TÜBİTAK, as well as the academic achievements of our university in the last 3 years on a project basis.


Stating that they have achieved a lot in a short time in terms of university achievements, our Rector also gave detailed information about the academic achievements we have as the University, our laboratory infrastructure, social facilities, infrastructure and superstructure activities and the physical facilities of our campus for the audience.


Our Rector Prof. Dr. Babür Özçelik finally talked about what kind of work our University will undertake as a Technical University during the UNIKOP Term Presidency.


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