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Prof. Dr.Osman Nuri Çelik


Dear Konya Technical University Family;

Konya Technical University, which was established with the Law No. 7141 published in the Official Gazette No. 30425 dated 18 May 2018, is a new state university that takes solid steps toward achieving its goal of leading the way to development, but it has a tradition and experience of 50 years in education.

Today, with two faculties, a vocational school and an institute, our university coordinates its programmes, projects and actions with the slogan ‘Pioneer of Development’ that will contribute to the development our country, and takes steps towards becoming a leading university in many fields with its academic staff and students. One of the indicators of this is the research and application centers established in our university which address priority issues at national and international scale. In addition to education and training, it is important for our students and academicians to be a part of modern technological developments through the projects developed in these centers.

We have important duties as a technical university in Konya, which is the industrial center of Anatolia. In today’s world, where borders between countries are disappearing and the power of knowledge is unmatched, societies that produce knowledge and transform it into products within the framework of technological and sustainable development principles have become prosperous and powerful countries. A strong university-industry cooperation is necessary to achieve this. Our primary goals as the region's first and only technical university are to deepen collaboration with industry, raise young people who will contribute to our country's transformation into a high-tech base, conduct high-quality research and put the generated knowledge into practice.

Our university, which is open to innovation and pioneering development in all fields, looks to the future with hope and confidence by increasing its active and dynamic power in scientific, social, economic and cultural terms, drawing strength from the academic knowledge and culture of the past since its establishment. We all know that universities thrive as society supports them and gives them priority. We approach our work with the understanding of a university that produces science for the society.

Seeing your university education as an opportunity to equip yourself with the knowledge and professional competencies will give you new horizons and new perspectives, and will enable you to produce solutions from different perspectives throughout life. Combining your individual interests and skills with the education you receive in your departments and having the mental fitness and energy that your youth provides will take your career to the next level. Both our academic staff and information and technology resources are an opportunity for you to be equipped with more knowledge and skills. The more you take advantage of these opportunities, the better you will lay the foundations for a successful career by utilizing your potential and taking it to higher levels. And we strive to make these foundations even stronger.

As you provide a profession to young people, who are the future of our country, your efforts to transform them into graduates who are knowledgeable, dedicated to universal values, creative, self-confident, and aware of the importance of lifelong learning turn into pride with their success in business life. In addition to these self-sacrificing efforts, innovative research you carry out to lead the production of knowledge, design and technology, is of great value in taking our university to higher levels. As educational pioneers who set an example not only for our students but also for the society, you are also the leading actors of the public-university-industry cooperation triangle.

Dear Stakeholders,

You are indispensable actors, users and beneficiaries of our university's education, research and social contribution activities, as well as important sources of feedback. The contributions, constructive opinions and criticisms we receive from you at every stage, from determining the goals and strategies of our university to outputs obtained, are an opportunity for us to increase the quality. In this sense, our communication channels are always open for your support and feedback. I would like to state that we have a quality management system where the feedbacks sent are strictly examined and evaluated.

Universities are engines of a country. The stronger the universities are, the stronger the country is. The more productive universities are, the more productive the country is. The more innovative the universities are, the more innovative the country is. Therefore, universities have important roles in science, technology and education today. I believe that we, as Konya Technical University, also play an important role in this sense.

With this sense of duty, I would like to greet you all with love and respect, stating that we, as the Konya Technical University family, will continue to work with the main goal of contributing to science and technology and developing Turkey.

Prof. Dr. Babür ÖZÇELİK