Artificial Intelligence Office Application and Research Centre














Assist. Prof. Engin Eşme took over the duty of Center Directorate from Assist. Prof. Sait Ali Uymaz. 


plaket teslim


In his speech, Assist. Prof. Sait Ali Uymaz thanked his work team and board members for their outstanding efforts and wished Assist. Prof. Engin Eşme success by handing over the duty.


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Assist. Prof. Engin Eşme stated that such duties are a relay race and that he will carry this flag with the same enthusiasm. He said that he aims to provide industrial projects, various R&D and training activities that will bring together various industrial organizations in the region and our university under the roof of artificial intelligence technologies. On this occasion, he expressed his gratitude to our Rector Prof. Dr. Babür ÖZÇELİK for entrusting this important task.






Girişimcilik Zirvesi


Our center participated in the TURKEY ENTREPRENEUR MEETING SUMMIT AND EXHIBITION held at the Seljuk Congress Center on November 3-4. On the occasion of the event, we came together with other participating companies and entrepreneurs and exchanged ideas for issues and collaborations where artificial intelligence can be applied in their projects and products.


Teknofest award-winning projects such as "autonomous land and air vehicles, smart traffic control, smart warehouse tracking" developed in the field of Artificial Intelligence under the consultancy of Assoc. Prof. Dr. Akif Durdu were introduced to the visitors at the stand of our center.  


As the Artificial Intelligence Application and Research Center, we congratulate Assoc. Prof. Dr. Akif Durdu and our valuable students for their outstanding efforts.




Our Center Visited Mevlana Development Agency.



Our center held a meeting with the Head of the Program Management Unit, Mr. Çakan TANIDIK, to get information about the Current MEVKA Support Programs in order to improve the laboratory infrastructure. Mr. Çakan gave detailed information on the subject. At the meeting, ideas were also exchanged on current technological R&D topics that could be supported.




Our Center Attended in the Konya Defense Industry Supplier Meetings organized by the Konya Chamber of Industry.


On the occasion of the event, some of the participating companies and entrepreneurs exchanged ideas with our center for issues and collaborations that artificial intelligence can be applied in their projects and products. Our Rector Prof. Dr. Babür Özçelik also visited our stand and expressed his valuable opinions about our activities.



Board of Directors Meeting Held


Members of the Board of Directors of our Center met to determine our Annual Work Calendar. Some decisions:

  1. It was suggested to follow public and private sector related supports to improve the infrastructure of our center.
  2. Project ideas that may be of interest to the sectors in our region to be evaluated in the calls of institutions such as Tübitak, KOSGEB, KOP were discussed.
  3. Various initiatives and collaborations were planned to carry out activities such as workshops, congresses and symposiums.
  4. Activities that can be carried out to promote our activities were planned.


Career Days Workshop


   Within the scope of the 1000 School Improvement Project Career Days organized by the Ministry of National Education, a seminar event on the applications of Artificial Intelligence in various sectors, expectations from smart systems in the near future and distant future, and some ethical issues was held by our center with the teachers and students of Konya Selçuklu Fatih Mesleki ve Teknik Anadolu High School.