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Konya Technical University Farewells 2,350 Graduates to the Future

Konya Technical University Faculty of Engineering and Natural Sciences, Faculty of Architecture and Design and Vocational School of Technical Sciences bid farewell to 2,350 graduates with their graduation ceremonies. Konya Technical University experienced the pride of giving its first graduates this year.


Konya Technical University graduated the 2021-2022 Academic Year associate and undergraduate students with magnificent ceremonies. 2 thousand 350 associate and undergraduate students received their diplomas from KTÜN. At the ceremonies held at the KTÜN Development Campus Sports Hall and the Halil Cin Conference Hall of the Faculty of Engineering and Natural Sciences, the graduation joy of the students who received their certificates under the proud looks of their families was worth seeing. Plaques were presented to the winners at the ceremony.




Delivering the opening speech of the ceremonies, our Rector Prof. Dr. Babür Özçelik, in his speech, stated that they attach great importance to the ceremony held since it is the first graduation of the students who started education under the roof of Konya Technical University, and said, “Our university has the power to lead the development with new breakthroughs, new opportunities and new successes since the day it was founded. As the first and only technical university of the region, producing science and technology with the slogan of 'Pioneer of Development'; providing human and environment-oriented solutions for the development and welfare of the society; We continue our activities with the vision and goal of being a 'Research University'.




Addressing the students, our Rector said, “I know that today, you are experiencing the excitement of completing your education life in the middle of Anatolia, the capital of the Seljuk State trained countless scientists, the science and cultural center, Konya, and stepping into your profession. This is a great source of pride for us. With the contemporary, modern and idealistic equipment you receive here, each of you is a beacon of hope first for yourself, then for your family, and finally for your country. Now is the time to put what you've learned into practice. I believe that in the light of science, you will do useful work wherever you go. Never give up in the face of difficulties. There is no challenge that you cannot overcome by improving yourself. In addition, do not leave the basic values of humanity throughout your life, do not compromise your principles. Never, ever compromise your sense of duty and responsibility, work hard for yourself and your nation. You are the engineers of our future, you need to constantly renew yourself to develop your imagination, never neglect it. Just as we are with you throughout your education life, we will always continue to be with you and support you throughout your professional life.”


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