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Konya Technical University ranks 12th in 'State Universities General Satisfaction' Ranking according to TUSS Results.

The results of the Turkey University Satisfaction Survey (TUSS), striving to unearth the experiences and satisfaction level of undergraduate university students in Turkey, have been announced. Accordingly, Konya Technical University ranked 12th in the 'State Universities General Satisfaction' ranking, leaving Turkey's leading universities behind.


The research, which aims to contribute to the development of the Turkish Higher Education System by collecting feedback from undergraduate university students, aims to understand the experiences and satisfaction level of university students, to enrich the student experience, and to guide universities to become more student-centered.


Accordingly, Konya Technical University is ranked 12th out of 126 state universities in the 'State Universities General Satisfaction Ranking', pulling away the leading Universities in Turkey, and 25th among 199 universities in the 'Universities General Satisfaction Ranking' where all State and Foundation Universities are evaluated together.  It ranked first among Konya Universities by far.


Konya Technical University moved up two steps from the 9th place to the 7th place in the 'Learning Experience Satisfaction Ranking' compared to the previous year. “In the Ranking of Satisfaction with the Management and Running of the Institution, it moved up one step compared to the previous year and rose from 11th to 10th. Konya Technical University found itself in the top 10 among 199 universities in these categories.


The research, which was applied to increase the development and sensitivity of universities and to provide data with the findings, was obtained by collecting usable data from 47,682 students studying at 199 universities, 126 state and 73 foundations, in 2021-2022.

Click to access the results of the Turkey University Satisfaction Survey (TUSS-2022).

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