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Konya Technical University Technology Transfer Office (TTO) Established

The Technology Transfer Office Application and Research Center was established at Konya Technical University (KTUN) to carry out activities related to the efficient and rapid commercialization of academic research results, as well as to provide links between universities, research centers, and the private sector that are required for researchers and entrepreneurs, investors, and industrialists.


Based on the Higher Education Law of the Official Gazette dated 4/11/1981 and numbered 2547, the center will enable to gather the university's scientific and technological knowledge under one roof,  transform knowledge into new and competitive products or processes, create added value, industrialize and commercialize, and increase the research and development capabilities of public and private sector institutions by enabling scientists and industrial companies to benefit from national and international research support programs and grant funds.


The center's activity areas are as follows: strengthening the university's R&D activities and encouraging university-industry collaboration, providing the university with large-budget national and international grants, providing consultancy services on project supports, ensuring that the knowledge produced by the university's academic experience is used in the business world, particularly in industry, and developing and managing the university's intellectual and industrial property portfolio, and promoting academic entrepreneurship. In addition, carrying out research to create an ecosystem based on innovation at the regional level is among the priority activities of TTO.


Konya Technical University Rector Prof. Dr. Babür Özçelik stated that their goal as a university is to give priority to the development of the country, to reduce foreign dependency and to put forth concrete works with domestic and national projects, and said, “We want to achieve these goals by working together with industrial organizations, research centers and universities operating in our country and region. For this reason, the establishment of the Technology Transfer Office was one of the important steps in which our university will serve this purpose. I hope it will be beneficial for our university, Konya and our country.


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