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KTUN Artificial Intelligence Application and Research Center Established

Konya Technical University (KTUN), which aims to contribute to technological and scientific development in the field of artificial intelligence and to carry out projects that will produce solutions for research, examination and development that will respond to social needs, established the "Artificial Intelligence Application and Research Center".


The center, which became operational with the regulation numbered 31264, dated October 4, 2020, published in the Official Gazette, aims to conduct research, examination, development and application in order to contribute to the national technological and scientific development in the field of artificial intelligence; determine the social needs and to provide solutions for the relevant researchers; provide the necessary infrastructure and research support to contribute to the production of projects and theses; establish cooperation with relevant centers, universities and industrial organizations and coordinate interdisciplinary studies.


The activity areas of the center are to conduct research, analysis, development and application on artificial intelligence, develop utility models and patented products, form research groups to create the opportunity to conduct advanced research on artificial intelligence, and support master's, doctoral and post-doctoral programs in artificial intelligence and certificate programs for industry and academia for the development of researcher human resources in terms of quantity and quality.


The main objectives of the center are to conduct joint research projects with academics, graduate and doctoral students to contribute to university-industry cooperation, which is one of KTUN's top priorities as a technical university, to provide consulting services with expert staff to be employed in the laboratory, to lead in creating, cleaning, processing, disseminating and sharing open data to support artificial intelligence studies, and to promote artificial intelligence-related activities to as wide an audience as possible through various channels. It is also planned to contribute to national and international knowledge by organizing courses, seminars, workshops, congresses and symposiums within the center, and to publish the scientific and technical findings obtained as a result of research and application studies through reports, bulletins, projects, books, articles, journals and similar channels.


Konya Technical University Rector Prof. Dr. Babür Özçelik, expressing his pleasure that a new center will operate within KTUN, said that they are proud of growing more and more technically by becoming more and more equipped, and added, “Artificial intelligence is a unique technology that leaves its mark on our age and shows itself in every field. As a pioneer, we are a university that produces within this technology with our studies and projects that follow the innovations of the age. I wish the center to be beneficial for our university, Konya, and our country.”


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