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KTUN Rector Continues Company Visits within the Scope of University-Industry Collaborations

KTUN Rector Prof. Dr. Babür Özçelik visited MOSAŞ Intelligent Transportation Company and MPG Machinery Inc. Co. within the scope of University-Industry cooperation and made remarks.


Rector Prof. Dr. Babür Özçelik's first visit within the scope of University-Industry Cooperation was to MPG Machinery Inc. Co. operating in Konya Organized Industrial Zone. The Rector toured the company's production facilities and consulted with General Manager Veysel Alver on current and future cooperation.


Afterwards, the Rector visited the production facilities of the MOSAŞ Smart Transportation Company operating in the Konya Organized Industrial Zone and talked to the General Manager of the Company, Fuat Yalçınlı, about student internships and employment.


Faculty of Engineering and Natural Sciences, Electrical Electronics Engineering Faculty Member Assoc. Prof. Akif Durdu accompanied the Rector during the visit.


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