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KTUN Technology Transfer Office (TTO) Convened with Huawei

Under the guidance of KTUN Technology Transfer Office Application and Research Center, an "Academic Partner" agreement was signed with Huawei ICT last year.  In order to review the progress made after the agreement and to discuss other possible collaborations, KTUN TTO and Huawei team met again under the leadership of our Rector Prof. Dr. Babür Özçelik.


The team of Huawei was represented by the executive vice president Hussein Hai Bo who is responsible for Huawei Turkiye R&D centre, Huawei Turkiye R&D centre R&D deputy director Boran Demirciler, Huawei public relations and corporate relations senior manager Ömer Faruk Şahin, Huawei Turkiye business development manager Kübra Harput, Huawei Turkey R&D center communications and marketing director Merve Kuzu who participated in the meeting.  Our university was represented by Vice-Chancellor Prof. Dr. H. Selçuk Halkacı, the director of KTUN Technology Transfer Office Assoc. Prof. Dr. Mehmet Yıldırım, Instr. Pınar Sungur, Instr. Celalettin Ergene at the meeting.


 The points reached last year in the Academic Parter agreement, which was signed last year, were discussed and possible collaborations were assessed at the meeting.  Hussein Hai Bo, the executive vice president who is responsible for Huawei Turkiye R&D centre, presented the ‘Huawei ICT Academy Certificate’ to our Rector after the meeting.


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