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Project Performance Award from TÜBİTAK to KTÜN

TÜBİTAK-1001 project named “Wastes/Products of Washing and Pyrolysis Processes of Domestic Thermoplastic Solid Wastes (PET, PE, PS, PP and Mixtures) and New Evaluation for Solid Product, New Treatment Approaches for Washing Wastewater” completed under the direction of Konya Technical University (KTÜN) Rector Advisor, Faculty of Engineering and Natural Sciences, Environmental Engineering Department Lecturer Prof. Dr. Esra Yel, received the 'Project Performance Award '


With the project, new solutions for domestic thermoplastic solid wastes and their washing wastewater, energy recovery from plastic wastes, and zero-waste approach solutions to obtain second generation recycling products, and a data accumulation that can be used in many fields on the thermochemical transformation potential of plastics has been created. The project enabled the conversion of an insulating resin into a semiconductor composite that can have different functionality in the resin industry with the addition of pyrolysis solid product obtained from waste plastic. In addition, nine different types of new generation materials were synthesized from waste plastics in the project, and the synthesized materials were used in the treatment of waste plastic washing wastewater in a closed-loop system, achieving an equivalent or even higher success rate with conventional treatment methods.


Professor of Chemical Engineering. Dr. Gülnare Ahmetli also took part in the project as a researcher and contributed to the training of 1 doctorate and 5 graduate students who completed their thesis studies as a scholarship student. From the project studies, 5 international indexed articles, 12 international papers and two national papers were published.


In addition to this performance award received by Prof. Dr. Yel and her team, in the continuation of the project, an International Bilateral Cooperation Project is also being carried out on a new symbiotic transformation system that includes wastes from olive oil and marble production processes in addition to plastic waste.

Konya Technical University KTUN