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Quality Assurance System Studies and Internal and External Evaluation Process Information Meeting Held at KTÜN

The information meeting on the establishment of the Konya Technical University (KTÜN) quality assurance system and the internal and external evaluation process of the university in 2021 was held with the participation of our Rector Prof. Dr. Babür Özçelik.


At the meeting held online with the participation of academic and administrative staff, our Rector Prof. Dr. Babür Özçelik, mentioned that the most difficult part of the process is the installation and start-up processes and stated that “YÖKAK is based on the dissemination of the quality assurance culture in the higher education system. It encourages higher education institutions to set their own mission and goals, to structure an internal quality assurance system that focuses on realizing them, and to make an external evaluation of this system. Within the scope of the Higher Education Quality Assurance and Higher Education Quality Board Regulations, information will be given about the work that has been done and will be done at our university, and the new KTÜN Quality Assurance System will thus begin on an institutional basis. With our new quality assurance system prepared in this direction, we will continue to conduct activities and studies in line with the mission, vision and objectives of our University, To provide and maintain quality management in internationally accepted standards, To establish and operate a system that ensures continuity and circularity in institutional internal evaluation, To maintain administrative activities that support this, To use our resources efficiently, actively, effectively and in harmony with our strategic plan, To periodically review and improve our academic and administrative activities through mechanisms such as internal and external evaluation and accreditation,  and plan to ensure stakeholder participation in our processes and to be in effective communication and cooperation with them.


Rector Ozcelik also stated that as the “KTÜN family, everyone has important duties in this process.” Özçelik continued, “Each of our Academic and Administrative staff are the actors of the KTÜN quality assurance system and important stakeholders in the achievements that have been/will be reached. In this process, with the intellectual and actual contributions of all our colleagues, our university will maintain its success both nationally and internationally at an increasing pace and will take its place in the top ranks as it deserves. I would like to thank Our Rector Advisor, Prof. Dr. Esra Yel and our quality commission and our employees.”


Then KTÜN Rector Advisor Prof. Dr. Esra Yel made a presentation titled "KTÜN Quality Studies". Within the scope of "Higher Education Quality Assurance and Higher Education Quality Board Regulation", the studies carried out, to be carried out at the university and the general situation of KTÜN on the subject were evaluated. In the meeting, information was also given about the establishment of the university's quality assurance system and the institutional internal evaluation and the external evaluation process of the university in 2021.



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