Personal Data Protection Commission (KVK)

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Name Surname Duties Duty of Councils-Commissions E-mail
Prof. Dr. Hüseyin Selçuk Halkacı vice-Chancellor President
Prof. Dr. İsmail Karaoğlan Vice Dean of the Faculty of Engineering and Natural Sciences Member
Doç. Dr. Murat Oral Vice Dean of the Faculty of Architecture and Design Member
Doç. Dr. Selçuk Sayın Graduate Education Institute Deputy Director Member
Doç. Dr. Murat Selek Technical Sciences Vocational School Deputy Director Member
Prof. Dr. Hakan Karabörk Quality Coordinator Member
Osman Keskin Corporate Communications Coordinator V. Member
Recep Öztürk Secretary General Member
Yusuf Durmuş Student affairs department head Member
Kamil Gök Head of Personnel Department Member
Mehmet Demir Head of IT Department Member
Ali Ziya Yalçınkaya Head of Health, Culture and Sports Department Member
HÜSEYİN YILDIRIM Legal Counsel V. Member
Protection and Security Branch Manager Member