Vocational School of Technical Sciences

About Us


1978    It was established under the name of Foreign Languages ​​and Vocational School connected to the Ministry of National Education with the law numbered 1739.

1980    In 1980, it began its education with Electronic, Map, Construction and Mechanical Drawing programs.

1982    It was converted into Konya Vocational School under Selçuk University with the Decree Law No. 41 issued in 1982 and started education with 2 departments and 7 programs connected to these departments.

1984    8 programs were included in the Higher Education / World Bank Vocational Schools Industrial Training Project.

1985    Nursing Program was opened.

1986    With the opening of the Medical Laboratory Program, the number of programs increased to 9 and the number of departments to 3.

1989    The number of programs reached 17.

The Department of Health Programs turned into Vocational School of Health Services.

1990    Department of Economics and Administrative Programs was divided into two as Vocational School of Technical Sciences and Vocational School of Social Sciences.

2018    It was connected to the newly established Konya Technical University with the law numbered 7141 dated 09.05.2018.

Our school continues its education and training with 12 departments and 20 programs.

• 20 programs in daytime education,

• There are 8 programs in evening education.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide associate education and training compatible with the international contemporary education process, to produce the knowledge that will carry on research and development activities, to apply the knowledge it produces, to train qualified and effective technicians who are able to generate the most appropriate solution to the problems in their sectors.

Our Vision

Our Vision is to be a pioneering educational institution with the knowledge, skills and technological developments required by technical education, which trains technicians having high level of professional skills that are sought after in the international platform, without compromising National values, in continuous cooperation with the public and private sector.