Directorate of Information Technologies

Software Development Services

The Software Development Services include the analysis, writing, editing and updating of database, database designs and software coding processes of the software projects required by our university.

  • KTUN Student Information System
  • KTUN Kps Web Service Management
  • KTUN Yoksis Student Information System Management
  • KTUN Institute Automation Management
  • KTUN Dining Hall Automation
  • KTUN Graduate Online Application System
  • KTUN General Web Service Management
  • KTUN Additional Course Automation Management

Web Services

Among web services are analyzing writing, editing and updating the web software projects needed by our university, and carrying out the database designs and web design processes.

  • KTÜN Main Web Page Management
  • KTÜN Ktmopp Web Portal Management
  • KTÜN Library Web Portal Management
  • KTÜN Ktunsem Web Portal Management
  • KTÜN Career Web Portal Management
  • KTÜN Candidate Web Portal Management

Network and System Management Services

  • Managing and operating the system room and all server, storage and network devices of our university,
  • Virtualization and virtual server setup, management and monitoring,
  • Backup and storage of active system and network services,
  • Central monitoring and maintenance of physical and virtual server services,
  • Installation, management and monitoring of active and passive network topologies,
  • Regulating the existing infrastructure to operate smoothly and ensuring uninterrupted service

Technical Services

  • Fault detection, maintenance and repair of information products registered in our university fixtures,
  • Eliminating software problems (Reinstallation of operating system, virus and malware cleaning etc.),
  • Providing remote or on-site support to the staff of our university for the solution of problems that negatively affect the workflow related to IT products,
  • Providing technical installation support to student computer laboratories to be established within our university,
  • Technical support to existing student computer laboratories and computers in classrooms of our university,