Directorate of Information Technologies

Directorate of Information Technologies

• develops strategies for information and communication systems, keeps abreast of technological advancements in this area, ensures that information personnel have access to the most recent information, develops medium and long-term plans, and executes, completes, and keeps track of project studies within the context of these plans.

• defines the requirements for the creation and use of information and communication systems within the university, takes the required actions to ensure that information processing services are executed effectively, efficiently, quickly, and in coordination, and makes inspections and regulations.

• carries out quality and improvement studies to ensure that information and communication systems are used effectively; takes necessary action to ensure that the systems and the applications running on them operate without interruption; establishes priorities within the context of business plans; and performs or arranges for the performance of technical service level maintenance and repair work.

• supports the University's requirements for necessary software and hardware in relation to information and communication systems, the creation of technical specifications, and procurement procedures by keeping up with advancements in hardware, software, and communication technology.

• maintains and updates the website and ensures the regular flow of information across the university's intranet and internet.

• offers training and support to users on issues pertaining to information and communication systems, as well as consulting services to the Rectorate and other academic/administrative units.

• designs, develops, implements, and makes sure that the information and communication systems are updated in step with technological changes in order for the university to carry out its responsibilities effectively, efficiently, and safely in accordance with its mission and vision.

offers online and offline data flow and coordination between the systems in the national and worldwide breadth of the subjects lying in the scope of our university.

• carries out and puts into practise the essential research for their job and online business dealings, including information gathering, publication, e-mail services, etc. for the informatics services of our university.