Precautions Taken At Our University

1. All international travels of academic and administrative staff, including those previously planned, have been canceled until further notice.


2. Educational, academic exchange programs, social and cultural activities, sports competitions, etc. and all overseas activities (including those previously planned) with various academic or administrative staff or student participation have been cancelled until further notice.


3. Educational activities of all associate and undergraduate students attending formal education programs have been suspended. (All graduate students are included in this scope)


4. Opened in accordance with the procedures and principles regarding distance learning, the programs currently carried out with distance education will continue to teach  except for the applied and face-to-face ones. Calls for Foreign Language Teaching, Mevlana, Project-Based Mevlana programs have been cancelled.


5. A Coronavirus Commission has been established within our university in order to ensure that the processes are carried out effectively and dynamically, and that academic and administrative staff and students are regularly informed about developments.


6. All courses and certification trainings conducted by KTUNSEM have been postponed.


7. All internships and on-the-job trainings at our faculties have been postponed.


8. In all our campuses, disinfection process in closed areas that are used collectively is continuing uninterruptedly.


9. In addition to the disinfection process, the frequently used surfaces (doors, stairs, elevators, etc.) are cleaned more meticulously.


10. Informative flyers and posters prepared by the Ministry of Health have been hanged at all building entrances and exits in the campuses of our university.


11. An informative welcome announcement about the coronavirus in on air in all the central voices of the University.