CORONAVIRUS: A family of viruses from the common cold causing more serious illnesses such as Middle East Respiratory Syndrome and Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome


COVID-19:A virus identified on January 13, 2020 as a result of research conducted on a group of patients with respiratory symptoms in Wuhan Province, China.


QUARANTINE: A health measure applied in the form of keeping a certain area or place under control and preventing entrances and exits to prevent the spread of an infectious disease


PANDEMIC: The name given to infectious diseases that threaten a large number of people simultaneously in the world.


EPIDEMIC:(Epidemic) The spread of a disease or other condition and the transmission of many people


INSULATION:(Insulation) Technique of removing patients from healthy individuals to prevent the spread of the disease


INFECTION: General or local development and spread of a microbe that causes disease in the organism


WHO: World Health Organization