The questions frequently asked by our university students, academic and administrative staff have been compiled. The page is updated according to the questions.

1) Can permanent workers get administrative leave?

Permanent workers can also take administrative leave provided that they document their status (report etc.).


2) I am among the disadvantaged groups determined by the Ministry of Health. What should I do to take  administrative leave?

You must apply to the relevant unit manager with an official document and petition explaining your situation.


3) Is it possible for employees with chronic illnesses to continue their duties? Or do they have to use a legal permit?

Employees with chronic illnesses do not have to take leave. However, as stated in the circular of YÖK, as they are in the risk group, the requesting personnel can use leave. The request for permission should be made to the chief of the relevant unit.


4) When will the postponed training schedule and exams be announced?

There is no delay in lessons. The education process will continue through distance learning. Studies on exams are ongoing and necessary notifications will be made as soon as possible.


5) Will my charge for food be burned? Will I be able to use it later?

Announcement will be made in line with the decisions to be taken by the university administration in the upcoming period.


6) I have borrowed a book from the library, I cannot deliver it because the library is closed. Will I pay a penalty for this?

The penalty will not be paid.


7) Will our library be open?

Our libraries will also be closed during the closure of our university.


8) If a family member I live with is quarantined, can I be considered on administrative leave for the care of other members of my family?

Our staff can use administrative leave provided that they document such a situation.


9) Will academic or administrative staff from abroad be considered on administrative leave?

Since quarantine is applied for those coming from abroad, administrative leave will be given for 14 days from the date of return to the country. Those who are in this situation should inform their unit chief.