Synchronous and Asynchronous Applications

Distance education activities at our university are carried out synchronously and asynchronously. In this direction;

For Associate Degree 630, Undergraduate 1785, Master 249, Doctorate 79, 2 thousand 743 courses in total in 2019/2020 Spring term,  synchronous / asynchronous trainings, as well as course resources and materials (word, pdf, etc. resources, activity materials, short contents , assignments, questionnaires, question-answer forums for each lesson and also live chat modules) have been presented to students interactively by 443 instructors. Statistical information about the courses with the date of 30.04.2020 is as follows;

6319 Synchronous / Asynchronous video recording.

24076 course material.

As of 30.04.2020, 8 Master and Doctorate Thesis Defence exams have been performed synchronously within the scope of distance education by the Institute of Graduate  Studies of our university.

In addition, our university did not refuse requests from many other university students to participate in synchronous classes, and ensured their participation in classes as guest students.

Exam applications

As to the exam applications, our university has decided  the exams to be held face to face with the decision dated 31.03.2020 and numbered 2020/07. In case the pandemic period does not end within the prescribed period, our university has completed the platform preparations for online exams.

Information and Support for Academic Staff and Students

The distance learning platform, e-mail, telephone and SMS network for each department have been set up in order to communicate and share  information among themselves. In this setting, two Res. Assistants in each department besides the ones in Information Technologies have been charged with  monitoring and supporting the process. So,  the requests of the lecturers and students were met 24/7.

In addition to these, we have informed our stakeholders about our distance learning system and the process on our website  via

Frequently Asked Questions

-Academic calendar

-Scientist Guide

-Teacher Video Training Guide

-Student Guide

 Also, instructors have been supported through Online Training.